Bumper is ex-BTCC via PTG and is for sale!  Slightly damaged.

This was a pathetic attempt to get going quickly, and soon made way for a true WB kit

This shows the Shaw fender in place.  (well, it did, I'll try and get a new photo up)

This time, I'm taking the proper amount off.  Its already be cut once for my "mudflap" version. 
This is the left side of the car, bumper is off.

Here you can see the second (and even third) layer that is behind the top quarter panel layer.  I trimmed this next, and put in some radial cuts as well.

I hope its clear how I bent the sections towards the outer fender.  I intend to tack-weld them onto the outer fender to stabilize it.  I may not finish it to a high level in anticipation of riveting in a much wider "fender liner" that will cover all.

View from underneath.  You can see the old patch from a bolt in TC Kline cage.  This is still pretty rough, but there is not much point in taking off more on top, it is flush with the wheel well, and short of tubbing the car.....

Starting the Right side.  Here you can see the extra layer spot welded to the back portion of the inner fender well. Note how close to the crease I've cut, its basically now flush with the top of the inner fender well.

This time I've used a spot weld drill bit (neat device) to drill out the spot welds, and try and preserve the inner fender well as long as possible.  To be honest, I cut off too much on the left, and its because I didn't put in the radial cuts before trimming it.  Whoops.

Middle layer now gone, ground off.  Radial cuts in place, and next is to hammer them out and flatten them out to meet the outer quarter panel/body side.

This shows nicely the welded, then cut (plasma again) sections as they fold out to the outer quarter panel.  I have not taken off all the sound deadening or rust proofing material...  IT IS FLAMMABLE....and using a hot gun and chisel or somethign is advised before you weld the topside to the quarter!Not beautiful, but it will clean up nicely, and its strong as heck.  Lots of grinding down of the welds.  I tried hard to grind off the back of the fender well's rust proofing for easier welding, but it was not particularly easy.  I'll make a lexan liner to cover the gaps, and it will extend to the Shaw flare.  (at least, thats the plan)

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