We have several tuning options for the Euro Motors.

We can remove EWS from a S50B32 DME now.  
We can reflash the DME to a specification known as Group N.  This adjusts the redline to 8000 rpm, as well as adjusting the vanos mapping for more midrange power.  It also adjusts fuel and timing throughout for a better state of tune.  
The most exciting evolution is the ability to tune now with a standalone system.  Projected cost for the P&P system is $2200.
Alignment of EWS is done for customers in need of this service as part of purchasing an engine.

Full race prep motors can be provided that will put out 370 to 390 HP at the crank for the S50B32 depending on how the engine is installed.  These engines are provided as a turnkey system, ready to install.   Headwork, cams, programming and assembly are done locally in Chicago area.

Destroked S50B30 engines are available as well for racing in BMW CR DM.  These engines can be custom tuned using factory electronics.
Prices are dependent of course on how fast you want to go.  This engine went to a customer in a beautiful show car that can be found on S14.net in the gallery if you look for S50B32.  This engine in the form it was delivered to the customer had a stock bottom end and will be easily putting out 370 to 380 HP at the crank.
Vlad's completed euro 3.2 with CF intake in his E30 M3.  Rui Azevedo handles the installation and has his own website at azevedomotorsports.com
Look to this place as the site developes for more specific listings, photographs and dyno charts on existing projects.   This graph shows a recent race motor project we assembled.
This dyno plot shows a stock engine with the usual dme in place, vs the same engine with a Group N dme in place. 

Please click on dyno chart to enlarge it

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