Frequently Asked Questions:  (4/2011)

(and general information about the Euro engines)

The euro motor requires more radiator that a US stock E36 coupe or sedan came with.  The MZ3 or MZ3 Coupe came with an upgraded one, a Euro one would work, or one of the aftermarket aluminum upgrades would be fine.  PWR or Zionsville come to mind.

You can not bolt up US spec exhausts directly to the Euro headers.  Supersprint makes track pipes and mufflers for these engines, or factory parts are available as well.

These engines are for race purposes only, and are not legal on the street.  Please contact me for details.

EWS is only an issue for the 3.2 engines, and a very few rare late 3.0 engines.

If you have EWS II or III in your car:   I can pre-code your euro dme to work in your car transparently. 

If you don't have EWS II in your car, and you'd like to add it, and perhaps use it as a safety device to prevent a stolen car it is not difficult.  I can supply some harness bits, and you can do the wiring yourself.  This could be used to prevent theft.

If you want to bypass EWS in your transplant:  I may be able to flash out the EWS from the Euro DME for 3.2 engines.  It does cost something however.   Disabling EWS on a MSS50 Euro engine dme is very different from what US spec M3 E36 customers are used to, and it is not as simple as cutting a wire.

These engines make wonderful transplants into E30 cars.  To use the stock headers, one would need to get proper engine mounts, (AKG Motorsports), and
front control arm bushing replacement parts of a smaller diameter.  These are available from many sources.

Many of the engines are RHD, but the harness can be flipped in the splice box, and made to work very easily.  This is fact for the 3.2 engines, but it may be more difficult on the 3.0 engines.  My mechanic has done it on a 3.0 engine.

One wire must be added to the euro cluster to activate the oil temperature guage that is standard with that cluster. (deletion of the mpg guage is a nice plus !)

We can supply Group N programming, bumps the redline to 8K

If your car has traction control, there are simple by-passes reviewed in the forums like BFC and M3F that review this adaptation.  This is commonly done on OBD-II to OBD-I conversions. 

It can also be done by aquisition of a 3 channel abs unit that matches your harness, rewiring the ABS pump you have to run the rear channels together at the same time with the one output for the rear from the pump.  I have a limited supply of ABS units that came with Euro 3.2 cars for sale.  These are considered an upgrade.

What does an engine package from me come with?
DME, vanos controller if 3.0, EWS package with key, full harness, 02 sensors if its a 3.2, not a 3.0 as they are usually gone with the cats.  WP, Alternator, PS pump, AC and air pump if desired, all pulleys, clutch flywheel, headers, intake manifold, throttle bodies and HFM.  Reservoir for water included.
Missing is occasionally the clutch operated fan.
No radiator, oil lines or oil cooler can be promised.
Almost all of my engines are RHD currently, its the exchange rate.
TMS and VAC offer oil cooler hardware to adapt AN -10 lines to an aftermarket oil cooler, and this is a natural for E30 transplants and racers.  Its a very cost effective option compared to the stock parts which hang low, but are easy to install if you have a factory radiator for a euro of course.
I sometimes try to add in the oil lines and cooler and a radiator if the miles exheed 75K, which is rare.

I do have a limited supply of cats and mufflers.  $600 for the pair if you're buying an engine from me.  These can be shipped back in the future for a full refund if they are still in good condition. Price only applies if bought WITH the engine to save on shipping.

If you buy an engine and gearbox, I include the driveshaft.  Euro 6 speed driveshafts are occasionally in stock, and sell for $300 if you didn't get a complete package from me.  The euro 6 speed DS is 6 bolt flange to the diff.  If you have a 4 bolt diff, you can retain the back half of your current DS, and use the front half of a six speed, or, the front half of a Automatic M3 DS, but this relys on a 1cm gap, and the give and take of the slip joint.  The halves are said to be balanced separately, so this works.

Euro 3.0 headers do not include the 02 bungs as the cats had the bungs on them.  For this reason, you may need to buy 02 senors for a S50B30

COST:  Massive changes in the exchange rate, and poor availability of low mileage examples has forced a revision in the price policy.  For me to bring in a low mileage example, I'm also having to bring in other higher ones at the same time.  I have implemented a rather crude formula for calculating the sale price if a motor and gearbox with accomodation for miles on the unit.  These prices are in effect now, and are the reason for "odd" numbers.  I've set these prices to barely clear what I need to keep the enterprise running, so there is minimal wiggle room other than deletions of such items as clusters or oilpan set ups etc...

I can have rod bearings/bolts and oilpan gasket replaced affordably here.

If you have a 4 bolt diff on your E36, people do well with the Automatic E36  M3 driveshafts.

MZ3 engines come with a unique harness that lacks the fuel pump relay, and is extra long.  LHD and RHD are the same for these MZ cars, and the harness lends itself to installation in E30's.  When I have MZ3 engines in stock, they would include the MZ3 cluster.  As I now covet the coupe/sedan 3.2 clusters for S54 transplants, I would have to charge extra to include a non-MZ3 cluster with an MZ3 engine for E36 use.  

Shipping fuel surcharges have gone through the roof.  Count on at least $375 for an engine shipped within the USA, and $175 for a gearbox.  (both can be done for the higher numbers as they fit on one pallet).  If a liftgate is needed on your end, it will be an extra $75 to move it off a semi and onto a smaller truck.  Dock height reception, or, forklift reception can save money. 

Please submit additional questions to and I will try and post them here as time goes on.

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