Updated 4/5/2011:
Newly arriving this week is a 53K MZ3 engine.  These have a harness more easily used for E30's.  Included cluster would be MZ3.  See FAQ for some details on the differences

File photo: MZ3 engine has a 5 speed of equal miles available for $600.  This is a ZF identical to US spec E36 M3

File photo. I have a second 105K engine arriving this week.  Priced at $4900. Priced to move.  RHD also. 

File photo: 2 six speeds in stock from Euro's, 105K for $1600, 85K for $1700.  Euro driveshafts are extra if available.  $300
File photo. 
This is the cluster from the 71K car.  Only one wire needs to be added to activate the oil temp guage that replaces the US spec MPG

Fire sale: sort of....I do have a complete S50B32 that was in a fire.  It will need quite a bit of work, but could be sold on as a project with a fresh harness, and most of the bits needed as far as I can tell.  Will try and get photos posted soon.

Euro six speed.  If an engine sells without matching gearbox, then the 6 speed is freed up.   I am currently out of stock.  Installation kit includes carrier, link and subframe with gearbox cost.

These were "extra" Euro six speeds I had at one point.  Prices vary by miles. DS (if available) would be $300 see FAQ.  I can not sell a euro DS to a customer who has not bought a gearbox from me to answer in advance.

I am out of CR dogleg gearboxs. 

Gratuitous shot of Vlad's 3.2 in his E30 M3.  
I have several large case diffs and their carriers.  They are 3.23 ratio, and for heavy duty use such as Turbo or Supercharged engines.  They were stock on euro 3.2 cars.  $750 plus shipping includes carrier!

I will have available in the near future a Shrick Cammed S50B32 with supersprint headers.  Drysumped this engine has shown 330 at the rears with CF intake, and EPS, EWP etc.

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