Large Case 3.23 Euro 3.2 diffs and their carriers

Two euro M3 suspensions are availabe. (includes all brakes)

One E36 rear subframe

E36 front strut/knuckle/brake setups

Rear E36 Trailing arm assemblies
Hollow E36 M3 rear axles.  (lighter)

E30 M3 Dogleg gearbox 

MZ3 mufflers (2 sets)
MZ3 euro cats (1 set)

Euro headers

Euro Touring ex PTG front bumper cover.  (narrow body, some damage, still has original CF parts)  Top half is factory cover, bottom half is all the cool CF parts, with undertray.

FG E36 front and rear bumper covers

E46 M3 muffler, nearly perfect condition

6 speed AC schnitzer carriers $100

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