Front view, Shaw hood has been modified with a custom louvre. This isis a real EX PTG BTCC 96 era bumper cover.  FOR SALE, tho slightly damaged.  New Shaw bumper cover below.

Rear view.  Shaw rear deck and door also on the car.  Since these photos, custom CCW rims have been made available to me.  (Thanks Jon Holder)

As described, this bumper cover is for sale.  It is now officially "worn", and I'll try to post photos.  It is NOT beyond salvage, but it needs some work.

If I had a fuel cell, I'd have shaved the old gas hatch.  Note also, I need to bring back the plasma, and cut off a bit more before fabricating a fender liner.

This is the new wing in place, and virtually completely installed.   Side portions missing.

V1 of the wing, not really finished.  This version had the wing too high for BMW CR regulations.

Here you can see the uprights, and how they travel down the back of the deck lid for extra suport. 

A more finished view of the car as it was pre-shaw nose.  The wing angle is more visible.FINALLY!  An E36 style MaShaw bumper.  This is a front view of the new   bumper cover and splitter.  Kidney grill included, brake ducts included, no fog openings. Perfect match to the fenders on the kit.
This is the underside of same part.  Shown are Delrin strips fixed to avoid damage to FG parts.1/4 turn Camlocks are used to fix the cover to the car in 10 places in my installation.  Here is one pair.  Note on my car I had to trim a little to get it to match the MaShaw fenders.  Your mileage may vary as they say.

Detail of female section of the Camlock.  My particular set of fenders on one side came trimmed a bit too much to consider Dzus fasteners easily.  Too little overlap as you can see.

I used the smaller size Camlocks for the two mid postion points on the Core support.

This is how I chose to stabilize the splitter.  I'm quite sure there are other ways to do it, but this worked well for me.  These are accessible without jacking up the car, and with a simple Phillips screw driver, I can have this entire bumper cover off in less than 5 minutes.

Here is the view of the Driver Side frame rail.  I fabbed up a quick section of thin metal, and it supports the pair of female ends of the Camlocks to support the splitter.  Its also a handy place to secure my brake duct for the moment until I design a nicer system.

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