The ABL Original Parts race car started out life as a bone stock 1995 M3 LTW.  This was one of approximately 125 made by the factory.  They came with handpicked 240 HP motors.  The AC, radio and dual climate control heating was deleted.  They carried a stripped down wire harness, and no sunroof as well.  CF interior trim marked the cars as special, and they also had lightweight manual cloth seats in a special fabric.  In the trunk they were supplied with a dual pickup GT oilpan, and a 4 part rear wing for downforce.  The front splitter was adjustable, and that came on the car.  In addition, a shock tower brace was included in the trunk kit as well.  The 95 M3's were the first US M3's to have wider rims supplied for the rear, but ironically, unlike the 3.2 versions that followed they were supplied with the same size tires all around. The doors had aluminum skins to save even more weight, and the shock towers were clearly marked as a product of BMW Individual.

Precious little remains of the original car now:

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