S50B30 and S50B32 Plug and Play Standalone System

Pictured to the right one is the custom pcb used for the P&P system.  Salvage DME's are used to obtain the 88pin connector.  

A second pcb will soon be ready to allow the VR to Hall conversion we need to run Traction Control, Pit lane speed limit, launch and full throttle shifts.  Both pcbs are hidden in the adapter-dme. 
This is the finished product for a S50B32 engine.  Plug this adapter-dme in, put the DTA on top, hide both in the stock location.  Then turn the key and drive!

$100 extra for a conversion pcb to keep OBC accurate.

It is virtually that simple.  We've started our motor with this P&P system, but have some wires crossed, so stay tuned for dyno runs....

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