This is an example of an OBD-II style harness for the S54 project.  Visible is diagnostic plug as well as the connectors to the car's harness all intact.  You can see how installing this will preserve all the appearance of a stock E36. Note this is not OBD-II compliant, just that it would have plugs for X20, X69 and X6031 to look right
Two relays are preserved, a main power relay, and of course the fuel relay.  The whole engine harness is fused with a 40 amp ATO style fuse to follow DTA's requirements. Three additional fuses for expansion are available for custom work. These have been used for optional circuitry involving preservation of OBC and/or AC function or aftermarket knock detection and prevention.
Cosmetically, harnesses are a perfect fit,

They can match early or late cars.

What runs the engine?
DME Platform is the DTA-S100.

Will it pass OBD-II testing?
OBD-II is not supported with standalone

What kind of power can I expect?
Dyno plot on right shows a dyno run on an unfinished engine, however it shows several important items.  First baseline stock S54 on this dyno show 250 HP.  Note the torque curve shows are cams are under control.  This too will improve, and we'll post results soon.

What do I have to do to make this work on my own?
You will need to procure your own engine and install it in the car of course.  You'll need to fabricate an exhaust for it, provide complete fuel system ( 5 bar pump) and cooling for the oil and coolant that is appropriate.  Currently the vanos module needs 4 diodes removed, this is easy to do, and not at all challenging.  A bypass for this is in the works, but not available yet.  Then, put on this harness, tuck the dme safely away, turn the key and drive away.  These engines seem to be VERY sensitive to the exhaust, so maximum performance will be obtained with final dyno tuning locally, but the base-map will be safe and could be used as is forever.  It is advised since this is a standalone project that you incorporate a WB O2 sensor and verifiy that AFR is correct when running the engine.

E36 solution includes diagnostic port which will support all remaining E36 systems such as ABS, cluster, climate, airbag, general body modules etc.  Invaluable for diagnostics.

E30 solution is in development, and its unclear whether people would gravitate towards a clone of the E36 solution for packaging with C101 of course instead of X20, or a customized solution with C101 that is hidden under 318/M3 E30 trim panels

E46 M3 harness in good condition must be sent in along with payment.  Core charge of $400 applies otherwise which could be refunded once a good condition core is returned.

Basic E36 kit will include:

IAT sender
Fuel pressure regulator 5 bar
Coolant sender
Barometric sender and install kit
DBW delete kit

Optional BMW oem parts available:
Air pump block off parts
E36 appropriate engine brackets
Euro oil temp sender for S50B32 cluster
S50B32 cluster (used)

Options that can be incorporated into harness:
OBC correction unit for mileage

(more to come, still in process of editing)

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