This is the ABL Original Parts race car... seen at a driver school at Putnam. This is an ongoing research platform for all the projects we undertake.  Details in the section that has...well details on it.

The original project car... a 1987 US spec M6 that was my first BMW.... sold to the Skipper by myself, apparantly Gilligan.  Who would have known that a few years later, Mike would end up commissioning a pair of race motors from ABL Original Parts.

1991 BMW Z1.  Crying out for a Euro 3.0 transplant.  I can literally hear it from here as it sobs and crys in jealousy over the fire breathing 390 HP engine in the next bay.....
This is the most precious project of all.... my new wife.

Well worth the wait in my opinion.

Photos of our little Rachel to follow!

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