Sales Policy

I try very, very hard to please all my customers.   I offer a money back guarantee that the parts I sell are not DOA.  If you are unhappy with the part when you've installed it, I will ask you to return it to me right away.  When I have the "core" back, I will either offer a complete refund, or replace it with a fresh one.  I can not be responsible for the installation expenses involved.  This is often a better warrantee than some places offer.

I often ship by pallet as that is easy and quick, but it may not be the cheapest route.  This is negotiable of course.  Some limited ability for delivery is available in the Chicago area.  If a liftgate is required at your end, it is an extra $75.  Often times one can arrange to pick up at a local freight terminal, or, a dealership with a forklift, or some other friend with dock-height bays.

Payment must be up front.  If you're considering buying something from me, and you're concerned about my follow through, please email me, and ask for references in your area.  I am very involved in BMW club activities, and know people across the country, and I've made sales across the country as well.  I am fairly confident we can come up with people we know in common.  If that fails I will give you the names and phone numbers or email addresses from any number of happy customers around the country.

There are some payment issues that need to be addressed. I can not take partial payments or layaway money or down payments.  If you would like to buy something, and send less than the full amount to cover the cost, I can hold your check for a week, and send it back if you have not completed the payment in that time.  If I have something that is "coming in", the way to reserve it is to pay for it, then it is yours, assuming that it arrives and is undamaged.

The motors I purchase have been run and appreciated by a breaker that knows what a good motor sounds like.  They tell me up front if its a parts engine I'm buying, or one for resale to a customer.  If a customer buys a motor that has poor compression, leakdown or issues with the vanos, that is a "bad luck" situation for the customer.  In the past, I've tried to be helpful by replacing obviously broken parts such as vanos with used ones from my warehouse, or to help by supplying parts at a discount for rebuilding.  Unfortunately, the customer  bears the significant portion of burden, but i will try to be helpful.

Now, I'm offering a new program.  I've dropped the prices on everything substantially to recognize the inherent risks.  However, I also offer a non-refundable $500 opportunity for customers.  I can bring the engine home, put it on a test rig that I've built, and run it live with factory GT-1 diagnostics.  I will supply compression and leakdown data. I hope to be savvy enough to get this on video for customers as well.

This has the potential for saving the customer much more than $500 in the event there is a problem, especially if you're doing the work on your own, and don't have easy access to diagnostic tools.

Thank you for considering ABL Original Parts.

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