Basic Kit:  Includes Electric PS pump with built in reservoir.  Also included are the adapters you need.  Hose(s) as well as a modified oil cooler for E36 can be supplied as well for extra fees.

Close up of the pump.  Return hose can be used with low pressure clamps.  The small blue wire is connected to the charge light.  Alternator failure results in reversion to manual steering to preserve battery life.

Re-use the banjo bolt and use fresh copper washers on the rack with the adapter shown.  Back up fuse included, along with fuseblock.  

Cost for Basic Kit as shown: $1000 
(Free shipping within USA)

AN Fittings, PS High pressure hose
and low pressure return hose can be included as well.  6 feet of very high quality hose with AN fitting, along with proper spec return line is $150 extra.

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